About us

Embracing diversity – ``help us, help you``

Bright Skies Courier Service

Mission Statement

To enable people with intellectual disabilities to seek meaningful employment, participate in the community, develop confidence and to encourage social inclusion.

We want them to feel that they can contribute to society and to assist them to potentially live independently.


Families with disabled children face enormous challenges in their young adult years. When schooling ends, a great void develops where they are unable to participate in the next stage of life. Workforce opportunities are limited due to their disabilities and there is a finite number of places in organisations that do cater for these individuals.  A certain degree of independence and ability is required to qualify for employment in these organisations. This leaves those who are physically capable unable to seek employment because of the level of assistance required.

Therefore, many are left at home with literally nothing to do. They are left out.  It creates an enormous strain and stress upon their families who are trying their very best to help their loved ones to cope with the boredom of this dismal reality. Bright Skies Courier was created to address these issues and to provide an alternative employment opportunity for these individuals.


Established in 2017, we are a courier company where people with intellectual disabilities are employed as couriers.  The assistance is provided by their support workers who serve as drivers.

Our emphasis is to treat the individuals as full participants of the workforce where they are paid a fair wage, independently assessed based on their abilities.  We feel that if they can perform the tasks equal to anyone then they should be paid accordingly.

Bright Skies Courier Services is a not-for–profit organisation.  The paid employees are the couriers, support workers and a few administration staff. All other staff are volunteers.  All profits generated will be set aside to create a fund where it can be used for the benefit of these individuals. Our vision is to create an environment where we can combine work with social activities.

Our rates are competitive.  We hope you will consider Bright Skies Courier as a professional alternative, knowing that your decision to use our services will help immeasurably those who are most in need in our community. Therefore, please “Help Us, Help You”.